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Top Hair Loss Solutions for Men, Part 2

Are you looking for hair loss solutions for men? At John Rutter Hair Solutions, we have a wide variety of ways to help you combat hair loss, whether you’re looking for hair replacement options or to find a product that can help thicken and strengthen your existing hair. 

In our first part of this series — Top Hair Loss Solutions for Men — we talked about some of the hair loss solutions we have available, including: 

  • Non-surgical hair replacement
  • Zenagen hair loss products
  • Micro point links and accents
  • Hair laser therapy 

In this post, you can learn about some additional options we have available. If you’re looking for more advice on how to use our products or about the specific causes of your hair loss, you can schedule an appointment at our Morgantown or Uniontown locations. 

Our Top Hair Loss Solutions for Men

When it comes to hair loss and hair thinning, there are different ways you work to thicken your hair or replace your hair. Read through our second part to see what other options you have.


If you’re ready to move away from options that would repair or thicken your hair loss — or if your hair loss has left you bald — wigs might be a good option. In fact, the design of modern wigs have gotten so good that they look indistinguishable from real hair. 

At John Rutter, we have a selection of wig products and wig care to help keep your wig clean and secure when you wear it. 

Toppers or Toupée

Hair toppers clip into your existing hair and work to cover a specific area of your head. Toupées — also known as a hairpiece or partial wig — work to cover partial baldness, usually on the top of the head. They are a great option for men looking for a way to cover their balding or thinning areas. Both toppers and toupées can be made using natural or synthetic hair.  

Hair Care Products 

If you have hair that is starting to thin or fall out, then you might be at the right stage to start some of our hair loss products. From shampoos and conditions to special serums, therapy, treatments, creams, and sprays, there are a wide variety of products that will help give your hair and scalp the nutrients and help it needs to repair your existing hair. Some of our most popular brands include HLCC Scripts and Zenagen. 

To learn more about the hair regrowth solutions we offer, make sure you visit our hair regrowth solutions shopping page

Get Hair Loss Solutions for Men at John Rutter 

We hope that the second part of our top hair loss solutions for men has been helpful! There are different types of hair loss solutions you can use. 
If you’re still not seeing a solution that works or is right for your hair, our team is here to help. At John Rutter Hair Solutions, we take hair loss and our hair loss solutions for men very seriously. That’s why we offer a wide range of hair salon services and hair loss products. Just schedule an appointment at one of our locations in Morgantown or Uniontown today!