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Integration System

The Hair Integration System for women is revolutionizing the world of hair replacement.

Hair integration gives us a way to add real human hair, synthetically engineered replacement hair, or even dramatically styled additions to your existing, naturally growing hair. Unlike the fashion extensions that you see in salons and on celebrities, hair integration pieces for women’s hair loss add more than just length, volume, or color. Though we can work wonders with professional hair extensions, many women’s hair loss progresses to the point where extensions are no longer an option. Hair integration was developed specifically for women to restore fullness despite all types of hair loss that takes on all kinds of patterns.

Even though your natural hair might not give you full coverage, we can still make the most of the hair you have. Hair integration pieces are great for women who don’t want to resort to a full wig, but who need a lot more lift and volume. They enable us to add the exact amount of hair without causing any damage to your growing hair. Hair restoration is about helping your hair, not hurting it!

Hair integration keeps becoming more popular because it looks totally natural, creates exciting styles, and feels weightless compared to other types of hair additions. These versatile personalized additions keep your hair light, breathable, and comfortable. Best of all, hair integration is one of the most affordable hair restoration options available.

Contact us today to learn more about our hair integration system for women or to book your appointment! We look forward to finding the perfect hair replacement solution for you.