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Hair Loss Solutions For Men This Father’s Day

It might sound tacky  — or insensitive — to give your dad the gift of hair this Father’s Day. But that doesn’t take away from the sentiment of providing effective hair loss solutions for your dad.

Take the time to research and offer your dad some solutions this Father’s Day. At John Rutter Hair Solutions in Morgantown and Uniontown, we know that our hair loss solutions for men can help your dad fall in love with his hair again.

Hair loss, no matter the reason, can be challenging to deal with. That’s why we take hair loss — and finding hair loss solutions for men that actually work — a priority. Schedule an appointment for your father today and help him find solutions for his hair loss that actually work without requiring invasive surgeries.

Hair Loss Solutions

When it comes to hair loss solutions for men, there are countless options. Look through this list and see what solutions could help the father in your life this Father’s Day.

Nonsurgical Hair Replacement

Surgical hair replacement uses grafts to implant tiny membranes of hair into your scalp. But this process requires surgery and time spent recovering. In contrast, a non-surgical hair replacement creates the appearance of hair growth without having to take medicine or undergo a surgical procedure.

Non-surgical solutions can include our Instagraft. This process adds an invisible, breathable membrane that sits over the top of your head and adds more hair to your scalp. In fact, a solution like the Instagraft will stay in place throughout the day and look like real hair. You can enjoy other lifestyle activities like:

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Working Out

These non-surgical hair loss solutions for men are a great way to replace hair without going under the knife.


Zenagen includes a line of products that can be applied to the hair and scalp to encourage the growth of new and healthy hair. The different products created by Zenagen help with hair shedding, thinning hair, hair loss, and age-related hair loss.

Micro Point Links And Accents

As one of our hair loss solutions for men, Micro Point fills in areas on your scalp that hair extensions cannot. Micro Point can either involves links or accents.

Links attach to a single, existing piece of hair on your scalp. Then 2-6 additional strands of hair are attached to that one piece of hair. On the other hand, Micro Point Accents use a tiny bead to attach 100 Cyberhairs to a small clump of your natural hair. All of these hair strands can be cut and styled to match any existing natural hair.

Both of these options help fill in thinner or balding areas on the scalp, leaving the appearance of more dense of voluminous hair.

Hair Laser Therapy

Laser hair therapy works to stimulate blood flow to different hair follicles. This stimulation encourages the growth of new, healthier hair. This type of hair loss treatment is also seen as less invasive than a surgical hair transplant surgery.

Schedule An Appointment Now

At John Rutter Hair Solutions we have both hair loss solutions for men and women. Don’t wait! If you’re interested in any of these hair loss solutions for men, then get an appointment scheduled this Father’s Day!

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