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Hair Loss Solutions For Men: Top Causes Of Hair Loss

Are you looking for hair loss solutions for men? Before finding solutions, it is important to understand the cause of your hair loss because there are a variety of factors that could be to blame.

Read through our list of the top causes of hair loss for men to better understand what could be happening with your own hair. Whether you are genetically predisposed to balding or have other factors in your life contributing to hair loss, learn more about the conditions that cause hair loss.

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Hair loss is one of the natural signs of aging and 85 percent of men aged 50 and older experience some level of hair thinning. As you get older, the hair follicles that produce your hair become less productive, causing your hair to thin and grow slower.

Aging does not account for all hair loss or for complete hair loss. Instead, the amount of hair lost and the time frame for that hair loss depends on other factors, including genetic predisposition, stress, and diet.


Hair loss can be genetic, passed down through your family. While science has not pinpointed how hair loss is inherited generationally, it is something that runs in families. Having close relatives who are balding is a good indication that you are predisposed to hair loss yourself.

One genetic condition is called male pattern baldness, which accounts for 95 percent of hair loss in men. This genetic hair loss starts with thinning on the crown and a receding hairline. There are certain medications and surgeries that can help reduce the amount of hair lost from this condition, however.


Stress at work or home could be the cause of hair loss. When your body experiences physical or emotional stress, your hair follicles can start to produce less hair and cause you to experience thinning in your hair. Figuring out what those stressors are will help you reduce that stress and help your hair grow.


Certain foods can cause hair loss in men. To grow correctly, hair needs certain nutrients found in the foods you eat, including iron and protein. Low iron levels and lack of protein could explain any hair loss you are experiencing. To help with hair growth, eat foods that are high in iron (like beans, tofu, cashews, and whole-grain bread) and protein (like eggs, tuna, milk, greek yogurt, quinoa, and oats).

Other factors, like weight loss and weight gain, can affect hair growth. When this weight loss or gain happens rapidly and in a short amount of time, hair follicles stop producing hair to recover from that change. This is a good time to make sure your body and hair are getting the nutrients they need to grow. 

Skin Conditions

Skin and scalp conditions like psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, fungus, traction alopecia, and even a sunburn can contribute to hair loss. These skin conditions affect the growth and health of your hair follicles, meaning a reduction in the growth of hair. Treating those different skin conditions could help decrease your hair loss and increase the health of your hair.

Other Diseases

There is a long list of conditions that include hair loss as a symptom. This list can include anemia, thyroid disease, alopecia areata, and autoimmune diseases. There are other diseases that can indirectly cause hair loss as well, including chemotherapy from cancer treatments and medications for arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout, and high blood pressure. If you are dealing with other diseases and illnesses, check to see if hair loss could be a symptom. This will help you know if the hair loss is something that can be treated by treating the disease or not.


If you’re suffering from hair loss as a man, it’s important to understand the potential causes of that hair loss. Once you know what is causing your hair loss, you can start looking for solutions. Contact John Rutter Hair Solutions in Morgantown and Uniontown to find the best hair loss solutions for men.

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